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Frequently Asked Questions


 I am interested in renting one of your properties. What is my next step? Complete an Application by Clicking on The Tenant Application Tab. We will contact you within 48 hours once we receive your application fee. Please Note: Our inventory goes FAST so apply NOW!   Once you have completed your application online, please email us the two most current paystubs and for EACH applicant. The email address is


How much is the application fee? The application fee is $25 per applicant. All persons over the age of 18 residing in the home must apply. A detailed list of qualifications can be found on the Tenant Application tab.

What are the requirements to be approved? We have attached our point system so you can see everything we require and base your approval/disapproval on.


Revised 8/19/19

Tenant Screening – Point System

Instructions: Please use this spreadsheet once application has been processed in order to determine whether a candidate will be accepted or rejected to reside in one of our properties.  A weighted average will be calculated per category.  The Candidate must have a total score of 40 or greater in order to meet American Eagle’s minimum requirements.


Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Property of Interest:______________________________________________________________





Rating (1-3)


Weighted Average

Credit Score:

As determined by Tenant Screening (Leasing Desk).

3= Above 600,   

2= 550 - 599,   

1= 500 - 549,    

0=Less than 500




Employment History:

Length of Employment in one Job.

3 = Greater than 3 yrs,         

2 = 1 to 3 yrs, 

1- Less than 1 yr





Gross Monthly Income as compared to monthly rent.

3 = Greater than 3X rent

2 = Greater than 2.5X rent

Less than 2.5X rent automatic denial




Residential History:

Length of time at current and/or previous residence.

3 = Greater than 3 yrs

2 = 1 to 3 yrs

1 = Less than 1 yrs




Rent Payments:

Number of Late rent payments in the past year.

3 = 0

2 = 1-3 Late payments

-1 = More than 3 late payments





Has Candidate ever been Evicted?

2 = No


1 = Yes, 1 time more than 5 yrs ago


More than one, or one in less than 5 yrs = Automatic denial






Number of Judgements Candidate has received.

2 = None

0 = any judgments paid or unpaid

Any outstanding judgments under 5 yrs must be paid in full or automatic denial. More than 2 judgments within 5 yrs automatic denial.




Remaining Balance for Previous Landlord?

Any Outstanding Monies Owed to Previous Landlord.

2 = None

If any current balance, Automatic denial





Has Candidate filed bankruptcy/Length of Discharged

4 = No Bankruptcy Filings

0 = Other





                                                                                                                                            Total Score: _________

  Circle One of the following:         APPROVED                            or                           REJECTED


Do you accept Section 8 vouchers? Yes we accept section 8 vouchers for all of our rental homes! 


How and When can I view one of your available properties? We make viewing one of our rental homes easy and convenient for you. All of our properties are accessible via a lockbox on the front door. This means, we do not accompany prospects to showings allowing you the freedom to view it on your time. For this reason, and to keep track of who enters the property,  We will need to get some information before we provide you with the lockbox code. Please email your name, telephone number, photo i.d. number, and the property you are interested in viewing to Once we receive this information, we will respond back with the lock box code for the home and you can go look at it whenever you would like!! For homes that show a future availability date, we will hold a scheduled open house. Please email us your information and we will alert you once the event has been scheduled.


What will my security deposit be? Security deposits are one months rent. 


What does the rent include? The rent does not include any utilities. With all of our single family homes, the tenant is responsible for all utilities that the home requires as well as their own trash removal and lawn maintenance. Residents in Multi- family homes (duplexs or Triplexes) will pay a set fee to cover the water and sewer. Lawn Maintenance is included in the rent for Multi-family homes.


Do you allow Pets? Yes we are very pet friendly! Pets are allowed in all of our homes. However, we do not allow aggressive breeds. There is a one time $250 pet deposit due at move in as well as a monthly pet rent of $25 per pet.


When can I move in? The availability date of each property is listed. That is the earliest that the home can be moved into.


How long can a home be held? If the home is available to be moved into on the date that you apply, then we will hold the home for two weeks. If you are applying for a home with a future availability date, the home must be moved into by the availability date listed.